Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald

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Who are we?

The Minstrels' Guild is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

What's On This Site?

Here's the News!

Read the charter of the Minstrels' Guild.
Or just get charter, updates and comments in a nutshell.
How can you judge the quality of a bardic performance? There are some guidelines here.
Then there's a page with stories that I update occasionally.
Find some info about psalteries!
Here's a dictionary of musical terms in several Drachenwald languages.
And of course we have a link list.

What does the Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald do?

We do:
... and trying to get people together to make music, exchange songs and stories and information, and encourage SCAdians to try their hands at the Bardic Arts.

To this purpose the Minstrels' Guild holds an event called "Bards' Night" once a year. (Or at least that's the plan ;-)


Lady Sarah bat David, Founder of our guild, has moved to the Kingdom of Caid.
Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir, who was the acting guildmistress for quite a while, has taken a break from the SCA.
Lady Valeria delle Stelle, Minstrel and Guildmistress.

Central Drachenwald: Lord Jehan de Lorraine, Journeyman and Minstrel's Guild webmaster.
If you have problems with this page please contact me.

Events where you can join the Minstrels' Guild

I'm not going to any events currently and probaly won't do so in the forseeable future. Please contact me via e-mail if you need some info or anything.
If you are on the Isles and are intersted in the guild, please contact Lady Valeria delle Stelle.

Other Pages

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SCA Music & Stories:

   SCA Minstrel Homepage
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   How to write a period Ballad
   Stefan's Florilegium Archive has a collection of SCA Stories. Choose the SCA-Stories link in the left frame.
College of Sainte Katherine Songbook Filk, Folk, original SCA Songs, free to download and print. pdf-Format.

Music in general:

   Guide to medieval and renaissance Instruments
   Old Irish Music
   Songs by Sandy Denny and Steeleye Span -- not really period, but quite often good enough.

Other Stuff:

   Celtic Web Art -- Not Bardic at all, but I like it so much I couldn't resist.

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