Stories contributed to the Minstrels' Guild of Drachenwald. These are both original stories and stories collected by our members.

  • A Chinese Tale
    Transcribed from memory by Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir.
  • A Fool's Dream
    Ingeborg Denner, 1999
  • A Tale of Kings
    This Story is probably apocryph, but it is so very Drachenwald... (told at Bards' Night IV in Birmingham, I do not remember by whom) Transcribed from memory by Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir.
  • The Bear Skinner
    Copyright Ingeborg Denner
  • The Black Dragon's Son
    'The Black Dragon's Son' was first told at Bard's Night II in Drei Eichen (21.2.1998 CE) as part of a Minstrel's Test.
    Copyright 1998 by Ingeborg Denner.
  • The Maiden and the Manual
    This is fairly classical, except for the motiv of the girl doing things as she has learned them from a fairy tale book, and you can as easliy tell it without the 'modern' twist. But I found that this twists add a lot of suspense in telling as the audience waits for the other shoe to drop.
    Transcribed from memory by Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir.
  • The Swordmaster and the Emerald Maiden
    The story was written as an alternative of a greek folktale that I read years ago. I added some bits of my own experience and tried to write it in a more literary style. I think I would tell it a bit differently if I was storytelling.
    1998 by Leda Filippopoulou