From the Guildmistress

Greetings all

Bards' Night has come and gone, and what a geat event it was!

Everybody had a good time, and there was a general concesus for more bardic events throughout the year!

More details will be forthcoming as soon as I get a more permanent internet access that I don't have to pay 2 an hour for!

I am proud to announce that the Guild has two new Journeymen, Lord Acarin and Lord Svein and four new Novices, Lord Douwe, Lord Belarian, Lady Saoirsa and Lord Rande.

We also did some research about the Guild badge with the help of the Schwarzdrachen Herald, at it seems that we could register this badge as fieldless, (ie a golden lyre on a black/red book) which will make it easier to draw, stitch or embroider.

There was a sale at the event to raise some money for the Guild coffers, which are currently empty. The Guild now has 62 (about 90 euros), that we can use for registering the badge and also for buying pewter to have badges (and Minstrel harps) made by an artisan.

Unfortunately there were not enough Guild members to have an official meeting, so any decisions will have to be done by postal or electronic vote. Since The Guild has now some funds it needs a Treasurer (who also deals with memberships). Herrin Anna has been doing such a wonderful job with sorting old and new members, so I would like to propose her for the post of Treasurer (this might come as a shock as I have not told her that yet!)

This is all I have time for. Any more details will come soon, I promise :-)

In service

Lady Valeria, Guildmistress

Posted by Valeria at October 4, 2004 02:37 PM