What about Filk?

As you can see I keep repeating 'things that are or could have been from the Middle Ages'. So we want to do things as authentic as possible. But what about Filk? (Filk are songs with funny lyrics that are made on melodies very much from this time, like 'My Lady Is Fighting At Pennsic' on the melody of 'My Bonnie Is Over The Ocean'.) And what about stories like 'Blood for Odin', which have a long tradition in the SCA but have things like cars and aeroplanes in them?

These things are also important in the SCA, they tell much about the history of the SCA and are often quite fun. They should also have their place in the Minstrels' Guild. But if you look at the amount of songs sung at a Bardic Circle for example: more than half of them are usually filk. So it is important to emphasise the authenticity of songs and stories. This does not mean that no filk can be sung, but it has no place in competitions or tests for Journeypersons or for the Minstrelcy.

Posted by Jehan de Lorraine at December 7, 2003 10:42 PM