8. Recognising people in the Minstrels' Guild

It is a good idea if people that belong to the Minstrels' Guild can recognise each other at events. It would also help if Journey(wo)men and Minstrel were recognisable, so you would know where you could go with your questions. We have decided the following for this:

The colours of the Minstrels' Guild are white, black and red. The members of the Minstrels' Guild can wear these colours in ribbons wherever they want as long as it shows respect for the Guild.

A novice can wear a white ribbon. A Journeyperson can add a black ribbon to the first one. A Minstrel can wear all three colours [7]. The ribbons can be put in one's hair, on one's instrument, on one's clothing etc.

[7] This was changed at Bard's Night II in 1998 C.E. The new ruling is: Members a white ribbon, Novices white and black, Journeypersons all three colours, Minstrels all three colours with a pendant of a lyre. Posted by Jehan de Lorraine at December 7, 2003 10:42 PM

Is this like a guestbook?

Posted by: Jamie at November 3, 2004 11:00 PM