7. Making decisions in the Guild

Daily decisions in the Guild are made by the Guildmaster of -mistrss, the Chronicler and the Exchequer. Other decisions that concern the whole Guild and not just the newsletter or financial aspects will be made by the Minstrels. It is the duty of the Guildmaster or -mistress that this will be done in a fair way. The decisions will be published in the newsletter.

If there are Guild members who do not agree with the decisions made or who want to put forward issues that are ignored by the current Minstrels, they can ask for a general vote in the following way:

  1. A petition for a vote on a specific subject has to be signed by at least 10% of the Guild members. However the minimum of signatures has to be five, the maximum is 25. (This is only important if the Guild will grow so large that 10% will amount to more than 25 people, though I don't think this will shortly be the case.)
  2. Information on the subject and voting ballots are published in the newsletter and will be distributed to all members. Votes will not be anonymous. Every interested member can send in his or her vote. There will also be a given date when all votes have to be entered to be counted.
  3. When the day has come that all votes should have been entered they will be counted. The decision for which the majority of the votes have chosen will be followed, no matter how few votes are entered!

It is also possible to make changes in the Charter in this way. (This can only be done by a general vote!) One exception is point 3 above. For a change in the Charter at least 25% of the Guild members have to send in their votes, otherwise the Charter will remain as it was.

When a general vote is held, the Guildmaster or -mistress will not vote, except in case of a draw, when his or her vote will be the deciding one.

Posted by Jehan de Lorraine at December 7, 2003 10:40 PM