5. Students in the Minstrels' Guild

The art of music and storytelling is something one usually learns by performing a lot and practising, practising and practising. It is possible that you find that you need some help with this, or some ideas on how you can do things, or that you want some regular contact with someone who can help you with your difficulties. If you want this you can become a student. Minstrels should take at least one student and more if they can manage, except when they can show that they do not have the opportunity.

There will probably be less Minstrels than students, so if you cannot find a Minstrel to study with, you can also study with a Journey(wo)man, as long as you are satisfied that this person can teach you. If you cannot find a Minstrel or a Journey(wo)man on your own, contact the Guildmaster or -mistress. There we will see what we can do for you.

Taking a student is a more formal way of saying: I will help you and teach you what you want to know in the points that you are interested in. If you take a student you should have regular contact with him or her, preferably once every month or even more often.

Posted by Jehan de Lorraine at December 7, 2003 10:37 PM