3. Becoming a Journeyman or Journeywoman

To become a Journeyman or Journeywoman you have to have some skill in at least two of the above mentioned seven points [1]. If you think you have that skill, you can contact the Guild. They will tell you which event a Minstrel will attend. You choose in which points you're going to demonstrate your skill. The next time you go to an event where a Minstrel will be, you take with you whatever you can use to show what you have been doing with music or storytelling.

So, if you have written a song, you take the music and the lyrics and whatever documentation you can come up with. If you have made an instrument, take it with you! If you have published an article, take it with you! If one of the points you have chosen is a performing art, you will have to perform at the event.

The Minstrel or Minstrels (if there are more) will decide if your work is adequate to become a Journeyman or Journeywoman. You don't have to be dazzling in your performance, or be able to make a lute or something like that, we require just basic skill in the two points you have chosen.

[1] This was changed at Bard's Night II in 1998 C.E.. To become a journeyperson, you now have to cover 3 points, or you decide to do a 'Journeymen's Piece' (like a Masterpiece, but more simple) and cover only 2 points.

Posted by Jehan de Lorraine at December 7, 2003 10:35 PM