1. Introduction

The Minstrels' Guild is meant for members of the SCA who are interested in the arts of music and storytelling, and in performing those arts. People who do not want to perform are also very welcome, but because songs and stories are best when shared with a group of people, the performing side of the guild will be important too. There are seven points of interest to the Guild, which I shall mention below, and if you want to advance within the Guild, they play an important part. First I will mention these seven points and give a short explanation. There are three performance points, and four points that do not require performing, but are very important to keep the arts of storytelling and music alive.

I. Singing in public
This entails singing a medieval song or a song that could have been medieval in public. In public means at an event, in court, at the feast or any other time and place where there are enough listeners.

II. Playing a musical instrument in public
This, too, means playing a piece that is or could have been from the Middle Ages. It is understandable that not everyone can afford medieval instruments, but it is important that instruments are played in a way that could have been done in the middle ages as much as possible.

III. Telling a story in public
Tell a story and make people listen. This isn't as easy as it sounds! We want to look into techniques like repeating lines, using different voices to make the characters come out, etc.

IV. Making musical instruments
In the Middle Ages many of the musicians could make their own instruments, because there weren't so many instrument builders around. This is an important point, because if you make an instrument you get a much better idea how it works, and how you can differ the sounds of your instruments. Also, making your own instruments can be the only payable way of getting a medieval musical instrument. We want to look into instruments like psalters, flutes and many others.

V. Researching medieval songs and instruments and publish your research
Research is important, too, because there is not enough known at the moment about medieval music. It's good to share information with others, so we can learn from each other. Publishing this kind of information can be done in all kinds of SCA related newsletters, like your shire's or barony's newsletter, the annual Arts & Science issue or even in the Guild Newsletter (that would probably be best for us).

VI. Writing texts
We hope to get more stories or song lyrics that people make themselves. Remember that the lyrics or stories should sound period!

VII. Writing music
We'd also like to get more music that was made by people in Drachenwald, both songs and instrumental music.

The charter of the Minstrels' Guild was written by Lady Sarah bat David in 1993 C.E..
Put into html, slightly edited and footnotes added by Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir in 1999 C.E.
Whatever changes might have taken place in between I do not know of.

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