June 05, 2002

Update June 2002

I have promised somewhere on this site that I'd notice you if I start to feel myself disappearing.

It is high time I do so. I haven't been to an SCA event since Bards' Night IV, more than a year ago. I haven't updated this page for nearly as long and even allowed it to become lost for some months. I'm not doing any SCA currently, and I do not intend to return to it any time soon. Instead, for the first time in years, I spend more time actually making music than just theoretizing and politicking about it. It's a nice change of pace.

Of course, with me vanishing, the question of sucession arises. Anyone here interested in becoming Guildmaster or Guildmistress? The paperwork is in good order and crashcourses are available. You need to be a Journeyperson of the Guild to apply.

Interested? Not completely averse to it? Bribable? Contact me!.

Posted by Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir at 12:00 PM