May 31, 2001

Update May 2001

Bards' Night IV was a very nice and relaxed event with only 15 attendants, but great music, great weather and good food. Many thanks to the Shire of Mynydd Gwyn for hosting it, and to everone who helped making it special.

Lady Valeria delle Stelle became a Minstrel at the event. She played the recorder and a stringed instrument with an open tuning which's name I have forgotten, told a traditional story and one she wrote herself, and sang a really, really beautiful song where she had written the melody to a poem by Shakespeare. Lady Valeria is a resident of the Isles, so if you're there and are interested in the guild or in applying for guild rank, she's the one to turn to.

And, of course now I'm looking for a group who'd like to host Bards' Night V in February or March 2002.

Due to the low attendance at Bards' Night IV we didn't bother with a Guild Meeting.

Shea O'Shaughnessy kindly set up a Mailing List for the Guild and anyone interested in Bardic. To join, send a blank email to:

Posted by Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir at 12:00 PM