February 13, 2001

Update February 2001

The Incipient Shire of Mynydd Gwyn is holding Bards' Night IV in May! It's in the Kingdom Calendar! Yeah!

Now we are looking for everything necessary to make that event a Bards' Night. Anyone who has ideas or who could be persuaded/bribed into teaching a class, please contact me!

More good news: At KnickKnack XXX in Polderslot Janneke von Suylen made Journeywoman in the Guild. She presented a psalterion plus documentation as her journeyman's piece and sang a few songs. Cailin Coilleach made Novice by singing a few songs, one of them with a self-composed melody, and reading a story to the bardic circle.

I enjoyed the event and the Bardic Circle a lot and I'd like to thank anyone who was involved -- even if I'm a tiny bit late with that ;-).

There's gonna be a Special A&S Edition of the Dragon's Tale soon, I heard. Would anyone like to write an essay or article on some bardic topic for it? Imagine: published author... fame... fortune... (Oh, well. Can't blame me for trying.) If you have something written that might be appropiate, please send it to me or to Lady Caitrin.

Speaking of articles, I intend to put Lady Janneke's research on psalterions on this page soon. Plus, I recieved a couple of SCA-inspired poems from Laird Seanne Alansyn, and hope to make them available to you, too. So, watch out for updates!

Posted by Ingeborg Thorulfsdottir at 12:00 PM